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Dec 23, 2012 04:13 PM

Need suggestion for restaurants close to T or Silver Line

My girlfriend and I will be staying out by the airport (Marriot) and will be meeting some old college roommates for dinner. Looking for something nice right off the T or silver line that would be convenient for all of us. Price is not an issue. We won't have a car so we prefer something within walking distance.

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  1. There are tons of places within walking distance of the T, I think you need to search this board and narrow down your preferences so people will be eager to reply. There are many good places in the northend which is a short walk from the haymarket T stop off the orange and green lines, many nice places in Kendall square just off the red line, the seaport district has also attracted a lot of good places just off the silver line and down town boston can be reached easily from the green line.

    1. I agree with lc02139 -- what makes Boston walkable is how well connected everything is to the T within the city proper.

      The lines that connect most directly to the T by the airport are the Blue Line and Silver Line (which itself runs to South Station on the Red Line). South Station in the financial district is next door to Chinatown and the Fort Point areas, and not far from the North End. You'll find tons of recommendations on these areas (e.g., Neptune Oyster Bar, Menton, Oya, Sportello, etc.). Angela's I think is a board favorite in East Boston (off Blue Line) but not sure if it's "nice" enough for what you're looking for.

      If you don't mind transfers, you can connect to just about anywhere in the Boston/Cambridge area.

      1. There are great places in the Seaport. My favorite being Empire. Also, legal Harborside, del friscos, and Strega. If you like sushi and Asian, however, Empire is in my opinion, the best.

        Seaport is on the silver line. Also, probably only $10 or $12 if you call Über from where you will be staying.

        1. Are you sure you're near the airport? The only hotels at the airport are a Sheraton and a Hyatt -- the other "airport hotels" aren't really near the airport or near the Silver Line.

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            This is a very good question. There are several different Marriott hotels in Boston, but none are at the airport - which one will you be staying at?

          2. Thank you everyone. One of my friends suggested the Green Dragon Tavern. So it looks like we are going there.

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              Interesting choice.

              By the way, where *are* you staying?

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                There's a Courtyard Marriott by the airport, though not right at the airport as the other hotels. That might be the place.

                1. re: kobuta

                  Indeed there is. Close to bus, and they probably have a shuttle to Silver or Blue lines. I hope the OP gets a room with a view of the Chelsea River!

              2. re: ctay122

                Hmm...I would not have thought of Green Dragon Tavern as "nice", but I suppose if you like the old pub feel. I haven't been there in a decade, but they did use to have decent beer-battered fish.

                1. re: kobuta

                  It is not normally a place I would consider for a dinner either (as I am a bit of a food snob) but since one of the ladies suggested it, maybe they aren't as picky as me and I decided to just go with the flow...havent seen these gals in 34 years. But I still have another night in Boston so suggestions still are appreciated. We're at the Courtyard Boston Logan Airport 225 William F. McClellan Highway.

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                    If price is really no object, then consider O Ya and do an omakase. It's about a block and a half from South Station which is the terminus of the Silver Line's airport line.