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Dec 23, 2012 03:59 PM

Fried chicken in OC?

Is there any place in OC that serves outstanding fried chicken? If not outstanding, where is the best in OC?

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  1. If you want to go the apple pie, American route, then it's Knott's Berry Farm.

    If you want to go outside the box a bit, then Koko for Gangem style.

    1. I road this merry go round several years ago and finally seteled on "Church's"

      1. Playground in Downtown Santa Ana.

        Food is very good all around and the fried chicken is moist with a light and crunchy crust and elevated by a touch of vinegar. I consumed an entire order and more at a recent office party 2 weeks ago.

        It may be the best fried chicken in So Cal.

        There. The gauntlet has been thrown.

        The karaage at Yamadaya in Costa Mesa is also very good.

        1. The Chicken Box in La Habra has good broasted chicken made to order. Call 30 minutes in advance.

          330 East Whittier Boulevard
          La Habra, CA 90631
          Phone:(562) 691-1701

          1. has anyone tried the olive oil, Korean style fried chicken from one of the branches of 'BBQ' Chicken ? going to try our luck at the Irvine location.

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            1. re: moto

              Horrible stuff. Worse than Knott's. Possibly the worst KFC.

              1. re: TonyC

                tonyc, care to explain more? there used to be so much love for bbq before. admittedly, my family has decided to stop ordering the olive crispy chicken, we like the teri-q more now, but i'd love to know your take.

                ...i've personally come to the conclusion that if you're going to eat right away, go for the olive crispy chicken. giving it time or even reheating, sometimes it's just not that good. teri-q taste much better when time has passed. it taste better if they're not stingy with the sauce too.

                fwiw, i've been to the diamond bar, irvine, and fullerton branch.

                still beats love letters and kyochon chicken though

                1. re: catbert

                  thank you, both tonyC and catbert ; lots of things one just has to try and form their own impression.

                  1. re: moto

                    Yup, ya have to give it a whirl. catbert enjoys the olive oil fried chicken, and ranks that over kyochon. I, for one, never gave BBQ (from the name, to the olive oil "shtick") any love. Olive oil isn't a good deep frying oil, and these wings are a proof. The heaviness of the oil and the gross funk really puts one off, and their sweet spicy sauce leans far towards sweet than spicy. Haven't tried the extra spicy sauce, but why bother when there's Kyochon?