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Dec 23, 2012 03:55 PM

Casa Nostra, Ben Lomond?

Ciao Bella in Ben Lomond has morphed into Casa Nostra. Has anyone had a chance to try it? Santa Cruz hounds, are you out there?

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  1. Just bumping this up: Surely someone in the Santa Cruz mountains has tried Casa Nostra and can give us some info...

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      It could be that the name just scares people off.

      1. re: Tripeler

        :-) We haven't had a chance to try it, but I've heard that the remodel made a huge improvement. Also heard the food is good but pricey...

    2. So, we finally had a chance to try Casa Nostra (not to be confused with Cosa Nostra)- this time for breakfast (served on Sat/Sun 8:30 am - 1:00 pm).

      First, what a wonderful greeting we received when we walked in at about 10:45 this morning, smiling faces made us feel like old friends & valued customers, always a good way to start!

      Breakfast menu isn't huge, but we each found something that sounded good. For me the "Due" under the "Scrambles" menu ($9.75). Included eggs scrambled with spinach, mushrooms, bacon & mozzarella. From my first bite I knew I had chosen wisely, nice eggs, not soft, not hard, just right, full of flavor. The freshness of the spinach & sauteed mushroom slices with yummy bacon & cheese hit the spot. It was so nice to see sliced fingerling potatoes seasoned with thyme that were either baked or done on the flat top rather than having been thrown into a fry-o-later, nice caramelized edges & browned on the cut sides!!! Croissants are baked in house according to our server, Valeria.

      Husband had the "Secondo" ($9.75) under Omelettes, very similar to my scramble with spinach, mushrooms,fresh tomatoes, onions & smoked mozzarella.

      Breakfast entrees are served with roasted fingerling potatoes, fresh fruit & choice of white, whole wheat toast, English muffin or croissant.

      Add an espresso for husband & a cappuccino for me, great caffeine jolts to wake us up, both very good.

      We were both very pleased with our breakfasts and have plans to have lunch or dinner some time soon. Had nice conversations with Valeria, then Rafaelle who is half of the partnership owners (Mario is the other half).

      It's obvious to us that these folks really care about their business. The food is carefully prepared & served. The place is Santa Cruz Mountain style, but is clean & welcoming! We definitely think it's worth a stop.

      They have a website:

      Trying to download photo...