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Dec 23, 2012 03:42 PM

Can I reheat devils on horseback?

I am bringing devils on horseback to a family christmas party this year. They will have to travel with me for about 2 hours. I would like to cook them at home before I leave and reheat them when I arrive. Has anyone done this before? Any recommendations? Alternately, has anyone ever served them room temperature? What is preferable?

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  1. Yes, they reheat just fine. Best not to broil them for the first cooking and not to brown the Bacon much. Then reheat under Broiler till Bacon is crisped.

    1. Thank you for the quick reply! This is my first time making them. Do you recommend baking them for ~15 minutes at 400 degrees and then a few minutes under the broiler when I arrive? If the oven is full, would the microwave work? Clearly not ideal but don't want to put the host out.

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        I would not use the Microwave, but have never tried.
        Toaster oven would work fine for reheating.
        For the initial cooking I would go lower than 400 unless you want to cook the bacon crisp and then try the Microwave for reheating.

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          Thanks again and Merry Christmas!

      2. I had never heard of devils on horseback. I just googled them...yum! There is always something to learn on CH!

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          Same here! I've never heard of them either....sounds delicious!

        2. I have had them at a few restaurants and loved them. Did a quick test run this evening and they were just as delicious and very easy at home. I used dates, stuffed with gorgonzola and wrapped with bacon. Just hoping they will hold up in transit.