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Be careful not to buy a pregnant turkey

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Be careful not to buy a pregnant turkey. Someone pranked their daughter in law and put a Cornish game hen inside of a turkey surrounded by all the bread stuffing. When the DIL (blond of course) was serving the turkey, she found the cooked Cornish game hen and the MIL told her she had accidently bought a pregnant turkey.

Here's the prank video on Youtube.

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  1. Pretty funny... although I did watch with the sound off.

    1. It is kind of funny and crappy as a joke at the same time. Funny, she must not have done well in high school Bio--even by the end of the video, she doesn't seem to get that turkeys, being birds, don't have "babies" forming inside them.

      1. Both birds looked cooked enough to me. Yes, I know it's a video and I can't tell.

        Also seemed like it was in good fun.

        My daughter (College Jr, 3.7 GPA) thought it was funny and asked if it was possible to buy a pregnant turkey. I patted her on her head and told her that turkeys lay eggs.

        1. I once brought a few quail I'd pre-grilled, each stuffed with a hard-boiled egg, for the host to place in the turkey's cavity, but she balked at the last minute.

          1. I always wonder if these AFV are staged. Many certainly look like it.