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Dec 23, 2012 02:33 PM

cooking while pregnant

At the moment my mother-in-law is feeding me, but when I get home it is all me again. I have waves, at times tsunamis, of nausea, acid reflux, back pain, dizziness and fatigue. I'm not a vegetarian, but I cook for one. I've already prepared meals that I craved 2 hrs ago, but have no interest in when ready. I do not eat poultry. Any tips on speedy recipes that are nutritious/can be served to dear husband as a big meal (lunch or dinner) and one of many small ones for me during the day. I seem to crave salty/sweet/sour (Thai food, I guess!).

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  1. This may not be helpful but if you are nauseous and dizzy you shouldn't have to cook for someone.

    1. I've been craving Thai this pregnancy, too!

      I'm past the yucko phase (hope it passes for you too!). However, when I was feeling bad, I didn't cook anything that took more than a few minutes. This meant a lot of peanut butter sandwiches and soups made ahead of time. I'd also keep "fast food" (as in prep time) ready - like things for burritos - or rice and vegetables. Eggs for protein if you can stand them. I'd do smoothies for vegetables and fruit. And I ate what I craved: made something light for the others and picked up what I wanted (Thai or Vietnamese).

      As an aside, candied ginger helped me some (nothing helped the first pregnancy), and I've heard that some people do better eating small meals all day long. That didn't help me.

      During that phase, I felt bad about my nutrition, but now that it's passed, I am able to eat better.

      1. Jeez I feel your pain. My first trimester, all I could eat: peanut butter sandwiches and OJ together, sherbet, and Taco Bell tacos (yikes!), nothing else--I lost 10 lbs from nausea. I'm usually a home gardener that eats organic... and I did for the later 2 trimesters. The first tri is hard, and I agree with the other posters, don't try to cook that much if you have the option, the smell of food gets stronger as cooked, IMO. My hubby decided he NEEDED a Christmas Duck, and roasted it himself, and I spent the night at my parents' b/c the smell made me so violently ill.

        1. Oh man- my "morning sickness" hit me at 6 pm sharp, daily, for a month and a half or more. You shouldn't have to cook for somebody- anybody- when you're that averse to food. If DH is any kind of H he'll fend for himself until your mornign sickness has passed. Honestly, go out for Thai. You'll be fine, but may need Tums or somethng fro now on, it's no big deal, I wish you excellent health and a safe and happy delivery.

          1. We are finally heading into our second trimester this week, so I suppose I can contribute my thoughts here, although we aren't officially telling many people quite yet.
            Everyone is different, and I had no idea what to expect out of pregnancy. This is my first, and I'm forty, so I've had a good amount of time to imagine. Nothing would have prepared me for the gassy, burpy, easily fatigued, sighing like an 80 year old man, spontaneously urinating, thrice weekly pooping individual I've become in fourteen short weeks.
            If you can relate to any of that, you shouldn't be worried about cooking.
            I wanted to live on grilled cheese sandwiches up until about five days ago. Campbell's soup made an appearance when I was feeling frisky. This coming from a woman who hangs her hat on being a rather accomplished cook, and who most definitely snagged her husband through the stomach first, as the saying goes.
            For quite a stretch I couldn't even make a decision about what to cook, much less be bothered with the actual task. You and you DH will adapt. Take out is your friend, and if he can fry or scramble an egg, I suggest you hand him a frying pan and settle down with your tums.
            It does seem to get better, at least I'm hoping. I made two meals this past week (chicken paprikas and beef short ribs -the paprikas settled better for me than the beef) which required a craving and a desire, and I was able to enjoy making them both.
            Don't push it. Aquaint your DH with roasted veggies. They go great with a fried egg!