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Dec 23, 2012 01:25 PM

'Tis the season...for cheap "champagne".

Sorry to be so déclassé, but I need to buy a lot of cheap champagne. My choices are Cooks, Freixenet, or Robert Mondavi Woodbridge. If some of you have any experience with these, I would greatly appreciate your ratings of these choices at your earliest convenience.



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  1. I'm a fan of J. Roget Brut, from upstate NY. Many years ago some hoyty toyty friends of ours from Yale turned us on to this (he is originally from Rochester though), and we've been buying a case or two around the holidays ever since. It makes a nice light cocktail or dinner wine. I've always preferred it to the California champagnoises.

    1. Is there any way you could taste all three, first?

      1. Of these, and the below recommended J Roget (which we used to drink in college at 3 for $10), I think the Freixenet is the best all around for drinking by itself, although around here it's usually twice the price of the others. For that same price, I've also always enjoyed Mionetto (a prosecco).

        For cocktails, any of these are fine (I cycle through depending on what is cheapest)

        1. I have used Freixenet for my Christmas mimosas for years, and I love it, I think it makes an excellent mimosa, provided that you use a better OJ. I have also drunk it straight and it was Ok.

          My parents stocked their parties with Cook's for years, but I really can't abide it anymore, perhaps I *may* have overindulged though :)

          1. Are you planning on drinking these "straight" or mixed into a cocktail (Mimosa?) or punch? It honestly makes a difference.

            If you're going to drink it AS a sparkling wine, I'd go with a cava, like the Freixenet. If you are making mimosas, etc., I'd go with the Cook's.

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              How about Andre's--cost less than $10.oo per bottle -- could feed a large crowd!

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                Because you don't want it to taste bad . . .