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Dec 23, 2012 01:10 PM

How to store cornbread?

I am preparing for a chili party on Wednesday, and in addition to a smorgasbord of toppings will be serving my grandmother's yummy moist perfectly crumbly cornbread. With the holidays this week, today is the the only time I have to make the cornbread but would like it to stay moist. It is only a few days but cornbread seems to dry out fairly quickly. My plan was to wrap tightly in multiple layers of plastic wrap and perhaps some aluminum foil. Any tips? TIA

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  1. Even if you are making the chili ahead you could still bake the cornbread in not much more time than it would take to reheat the chili.

    IMO, it's not going to be very good if it's kept from now until Wednesday. If you must, I would wrap it as you say and then freeze it.

    1. I keep mine in my snap loc containers and it stays pretty moist for a couple days. But, I agree that baking it off doesn't take too long... perhaps you could mix it up today and then just put in the fridge til you're ready to bake it?

      1. My tip......Wait till Wednesday. DO NOT bake ahead for the Chili party!

        Merry Christmas!

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          I agree. cornbread cooks so fast and gets stale so quickly. Mix dry ingredients ahead to save a few minutes.

        2. I am reporting back - I followed your advice and made a full batch this morning to serve at the party, however I thought it'd be interested to compare to a batch made on Sunday so whipped up another batch. I double wrapped it in saran wrap and then aluminum foil. It was still moist and indistinguishable from the fresh batch. It was nice to know that I could perhaps cook cornbread ahead a couple of days if needed without sacrificing any noticeable quality and the fortunate surprise doubled the amount of cornbread served which was quickly all gobbled up. Of course day of baking will remain my routine practice, but a nice quick experiment which turned out OK with my recipe and in whatever conditions my kitchen at room temperature is. Thanks for the tips.