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Dec 23, 2012 01:09 PM

Flour Tortillas

Pancho Villa market has a relatively new tortilla operation in their produce section making flour tortillas. They're machine pressed one-by-one and then cooked on this giant rotating metal comal-like griddle. The guy taking them off the comal gave me a sample when I was there this morning and they were really good. Loved them. These looked to be either 10" or 12" flour tortillas, don't know if they make a smaller size as well.

Flour tortillas are a snap to make, but why bother when you can get them this good already made. Not cheap, tho'...$2.49/dz

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  1. I love the tortillas at that market. Totally worth the price. Also nothing like giving an out of town guest a package of so-fresh-they-are-still-warm tortillas...

    1. Glad that you have such a delicious nearby source for tortillas.

      In our little village of Primo Tapia, there is a very good tortillleria that specializes in corn tortillas, masa for tamales and such. A kilo (2.2 lbs.) of freshly made, still hot corn tortillas costs about $1.25 US.

      I don't know of a flour tortilla bakery here, but the local markets carry casera (home made) brands as well as the major producers for about $1.75 per kilo. Sadly, they are not warm off the comal, but they reheat so nicely.

      Also, it is still easy to find tacquerias that make their tortillas a la minute.