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Dec 23, 2012 12:44 PM

Gelatin help needed!

I found a recipe for Cola de Mono (a chilean christmas spirit, similar to Baileys) Bavarois which im attempting to make for my christmas dinner. The recipe calls for leaf gelatine, so i picked up a pack. However upon reading the recipe properly i dont know how much - it says 22 leaves for the creamy part, and 9 for the coffee mirror. There is 1.5 litres of cream and 1 cup of Cola de mono for the creamy bit. Surely 22 sheets is too much? The pack i bought contains 5 sheets, net weight 12g.


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  1. Well, much is going to depend on the strength of your gelatin sheets. Are they silver, gold, or bronze? Sadly, I can never remember the conversion, but surely google knows. Alcohol can interfere with gelatin setting, but 9 sheets per cup does seem extreme. I use bronze, and 2 sheets is enough to set a cup of most liquids, for a softly set panna cotta I use a little more than 1 sheet per cup. Sorry I can't be more specific right now, but I hope that helps.

    1. Does it give you any clues on the gelatin packet? Most packets I've seen will indicate how much liquid it will set.