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Deep Menu Finds in SGV: Chi Hua Lou in Monterey Park

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Since I won't be writing about one-off unusual menu items any longer (I blame all of you for not clicking enough or letting the editor know :-) ), I'll have to post my discoveries here...

The menu at Chi Hua Lou features some interesting things. Most notably, under "cold dish", Fried Haw. Plum with Tomato and Red Wine with Pear are also listed in the cold dish section.

Additionally, a lot more lamb items than the norm for a "Szechuan" place. Fully half of the "House Special" listings are lamb (i.e. Lamb Offals, Lamb Bladder, Lamb Kidney).

How are any of these? I dunno, I just popped in for a menu. Aside from Chandavkl mentioning it as opening in 2011, I could find no other mention of Chi Hua Lou here on CH.

Chi Hua Lou is a tiny hole in the wall at 920 E. Garvey Ave. in Monterey Park, it's two or three spaces past Wok BBQ.

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