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Dec 23, 2012 11:46 AM

Inexpensive dark chocolate in SW San Bernardino County?

Back when I lived near an Aldi's grocery, I could get inexpensive dark chocolate bars with hazelnuts, but out here I'm lucky to find Reese's dark chocolate pb cups or a Von's knock-off of the minicups.
The other dark chocolate I have found is more expensive:
Lindt's at many of the groceries and drugstores
Dark Toblerone at Cost Plus World Market
Trader Joe's dark chocolate caramels
Are there any inexpensive alternatives, or is there simply not much of an American market for dark chocolate, so it's a specialty item here?

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  1. Try Whole Foods They have some lovely chocolates...Prob more costly that T.J.s tho. Have you tried Ghirardelli's Dark Chocolate Peppermint .. Delish.

    1. China CA is southwest San bernardino Co. There's a cost plus world market. THey always have a good variety of dark chocolate stuff -
      4049 Grand Ave
      Chino, CA 91710
      (909) 902-0906

      forget the toblerone.

      also check out Claro's Italian Market in Upland.
      1655 North Mountain Avenue

      1. Sprouts Market ( one in Corona, one in Riverside that I know of) has some dark chocolate almond&cherry clusters that I've become addicted to, give them a try, they're in the bulk section so you can just pick up a couple of them,( or a pound of them like I do.)

        1. If you live near a Grocery Outlet, I've been able to score 85% Lindt dark chocolate bars there for $1.99 pretty consistently.

          1. also the farm market just over the line at Cal Poly Pomona has some dark chocolate.
            don't know the price but A Kline in Claremont isjust over the line...
            210 W 2ND ST