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Dec 23, 2012 10:42 AM

Decent Chinese in Oakland County for Jewish Christmas? [DTW]

New Yorker headed to DTW for a holiday week with the in-laws. That includes Christmas Day, which I'd like to celebrate like any good member of the tribe would. :-)

I'm keeping my expectations low on the Chinese authenticity scale, but are there at least a few Chinese-American places in Oakland County that do the cuisine well and would be open on Christmas? My only experience is at Peking House in Royal Oak, which frankly, sucks.


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  1. Shangri-La on Orchard Lake in W. Bloomfield, for a start. There are many here who will give you some good recommendations.

    1. Hong Hua in western Oakland Co (high end Cantonese), East Lake in central county (decent), and on the very east side of the county would be Trizest (Sichuanese - must order several dishes because some will underwhelm while others will very pleasantly surprise).
      "Best China" probably is further than you seek, but has numerous authentic offerings.

      1. If you have any reason to go to Washtenaw, there are a couple of pretty authentic places: Great Lake, and one with the unlikely name of Ypbor Yan.

        1. Ended up going to Shangri-La in West Bloomfield for dim sum, which was pretty good. Best item was the chive dumplings.

          Trizest looks real interesting - love me some Sichuan food - I'll definitely have to hit that place during a future visit.

          Thanks for all the suggestions, everyone!

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            Did you wait long. The one year we went to Shangri-La on Christmas, this was lunch, mind you, it was packed.

            1. re: Fibber McGee

              We got there around 11 a.m., so it was still relatively empty. An hour later, though, it was jammed.