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Dec 23, 2012 09:07 AM

Your favourite dishes at Michael's Genuine?

I have just had a peek at the dinner menu and almost everything appeals to me (!). What are some of the great dishes to help me when I go? Thanks.

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  1. The whole grilled snapper is fantastic. I also love the beet salad, Brussels sprouts, devilled eggs and the dessert with the little doughnuts. It is one of my favourite places in Miami and is consistently wonderful.

    1. The menu changes often around the edges though there are many stalwarts. There are also lots of posts that will give some hints, here's a search that will turn up several:

      1. Any fish, whole or otherwise, that comes out of that wood oven is fantastic.

        Tough to name favorites because I eat there frequently and usually order what is new to the menu for me (it changes daily) but here are some staples:

        crispy pig ears
        chicken liver crostini
        duck rillettes

        house salad
        double yolk egg

        wood fired octopus
        crispy rice cake
        pasta (changes daily but it's usually terrific if you're in the mood for pasta)
        heirloom tomatoes/burrata(stracciatella)
        crispy pork belly
        any fish dish

        pizza (if you're so inclined - great share as a starter too)
        any fish, whole or otherwise
        pork shoulder
        leg of lamb
        poulet rouge chicken (I've never had but people rave about it)
        steak au poive

        whole fish
        poulet rouge chicken (ditto)

        cauliflower w/ parsley sauce
        squash w/ anchovy butter
        brussels sprouts w/ pancetta

        1. I would rarely choose chicken as a first choice when dining out, but after a friend who's dining choices are always spot on raved about the poulet rouge, I had to try it. It is THE BEST chicken dish I have ever eaten anywhere- period.

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            The whole roasted chicken is excellent, one of my favorite meals in town. It is a riff on the classic roast chicken from Zuni Cafe in San Francisco; I've had them both, and think MGFD's is better.

          2. Just wanted to report back on our dinner last Saturday evening. Everything was top notch, as expected.

            We shared everything. Had the octopus, blt salad (delicious), brussel sprouts with crispy pancetta (wow!), squash and the whole roasted yellow eye snapper. The entire meal was great. The octopus portion was on the skimpy side, but it was grilled to perfection - 2 small pieces. Our server was so enthusiastic and made the dinner very enjoyable.