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Dec 23, 2012 08:16 AM

Dinner options for 7 on NYE in Edinburgh

So seeing that I wasn't on my game and reserve early, what would be a good place to go for dinner on new years eye? Most places are already booked that I can see online. It doesn't need to be fancy, but casual good food would be good. Are there any recommendations for a pub/restaurant that either doesn't take reservations or where we can call and still get a table for 7?

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  1. That could be a tough ask.

    Have you tried a search on TopTable?

    (EDIT: TopTable seems to have quite a decent amount of availability. I don't know the city so I've no idea if the palces are anywhere decent).

    1. Hi there

      I did a top table search and of the list I can recommend Hewats - they had a table at 8pm. I have also heard good things of pink olive too.

      Bisque and La Garrigue also used to get decent reviews. Some of the curry places are quite student oriented. Have you tried the whiski rooms. Not gourmet, but quite relaxed and nice surroundings. Calistoga in its former location was good, maybe they will have a reservation?

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        Thanks for the suggestions! Checking them out :)