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Dec 23, 2012 07:15 AM

Making my first pate

I've never made a pate before. I'd like to try it. Can some CHers here direct me to a simple delicious recipe? Is it a 'big deal'? I've never used any gelatin before. Chicken livers? or some other liver? I'd like the result to have that eight inch topping of dark jelly and it to have a fine texture not lumpy. Is this something that requires special kitchen items like certain trays etc. Should I just forget the idea and buy some?

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  1. Making pate is very easy, its just a time consuming process. If you are really interested, I suggest grabbing "charcuterie" by michael ruhlman, its an EXCELLENT source for all types of pate/terrine/gallontine/etc. It will tell you everything you need to know.

    The only special equipment you need is a meat grinder and a terrine mold. Good luck!

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      I'll work on borrowing a meat grinder first. Thanks

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        food processor will also work for many types of pate, you only need a meat grinder for some types, I forgot to specify that! Stuff like chicken liver pate etc just uses the food processor.

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          If you do find a grinder, here is one of my favorite holiday pates.

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        if the op likes a fine texture, that can be done with a food pro, especially with liver. that's what i use, no need to buy a meat grinder. being generous with cream or butter (or both) will add to the texture and make it more velvety.

        chicken livers are easiest to get, so i most often use those. i buy the organic bell & evans from whole paycheck. i soak them for a bit in milk, then drain and simmer in seasoned chicken stock, before proceeding.

        for pate, no need for special pans, i just use loaf pans or smallish cake pans, that i line with plastic wrap. they are all best after a day of two of making.

      3. Paté is very easy and I find it not time consuming at all.

        Chop an onion and saute in butter. Add garlic, if you like. Add half a pound of chicken (or duck) livers. After 5 minutes, add some thyme (or sage) and a tablespoon of tomato concentrate. Brown everything well and then add a cup of wine or stock. Or both. Use whatever you like: dry red, white, sherry, port, chicken, veal or beef stock.... Let cook until thickened. Pour the contents of the pan into a high bowl and season with salt, pepper, lemon juice and zest and add 1-2 tablespoons of capers and 2-3 tablespoons of butter. Blend with a stick blender. Fill into a serving container and chill. Make jelly (sherry or port, stock, salt, gelatine) and pour on top of the paté. Chill again.

        Of course you can change the flavour by adding chili peppers, porcini, using orange instead of lemon, you get the drift. Just be generous with the butter.

        1. This is my normal Christmas pate. Easy to do and lovely to eat.

          It may not have the smooth texture that you're looking for - I'd usually think of smooth pates as being chicken liver ones, like this one -

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            Harters, one question I have about that recipe: do you bake the pâté uncovered? That is what the recipe seems to indicate but it runs counter to all my pâté-making experience.
            And to the OP: making pâté is no more complicated than making meatloaf, its close cousin. Dive in!