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Dec 23, 2012 06:35 AM

Best bakery rye bread in the western 'burbs?

Any suggestions on where to buy good rye bread in the western suburbs... need to be able to pick up Christmas Eve morning.

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  1. Whole Foods does a pretty good rye bread. Locations in the western suburbs include Hinsdale, Wheaton, and Naperville.

    If you are looking for a Jewish-style rye, you might want to also check Schmaltz Deli, in Naperville. It's a very good Jewish deli, and I'm sure they have pretty good rye bread (although I haven't specifically looked for it when I've been there).

    For pickup on Dec 24, you may want to call ahead to verify that any particular place is open and what their hours are.

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      We were talking about Schmaltz', but thought they had all closed down. Ran out of time and ended up doing Rosen's.