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Dec 23, 2012 06:04 AM

Any restaurants close by 250 w 93 St (btw West End Ave and Broadway) worth going?

As I will be staying there for a few days (or UWS restaurants).


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  1. Kobetobiko! As you know, the UWS is a large neighborhood, you will have more success if you are wiling go walking north/south up to 20 blocks from where you are staying.

    But as lot has changed since you have been gone... Three years right? There's now a lot more activity in the 70s and 80s with Jacques Torres, Luke's Lobster, Mermaid Inn, Shake Shack, Grandaisy Bakery, Salumeria Rosi...

    Legend just opened up a branch on 109th Street. Cascabel is on 108th.

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        Salumeria Rosi is very good and also an interesting concept, and one of the few restaurants up there that I think merits a special trip.

      2. Not as good as it once was, but Saigon Grill can still be very good if one orders right (Mama's chicken, Goi Du Du, etc.)

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          I never thought much of Saigon Grill and definitely wouldn't recommend it for someone who's now living in Hong Kong.

        2. Gennaro on 93 and amsterdam
          Celeste on 85 and amsterdam

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            +1 on Gennaro. Really good.
            Also El Malecon on 97th/Amsterdam, for very good Dominican food, but not fancy.

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                I used to live 2 blocks from there, so I am really, really familiar with El Malecon. I would not generalize so much about their food. They serve delicious pollo a la brasa (rotisserie chicken), and make sure to get plenty of sauce with it. However, nothing else there is nearly as good, with the possible exception of their sopa de pollo, their their second best item, which is quite good (get a small one if you don't want it for your entire meal), and I've liked some of their other soups, like their cowfoot soup and (more moderately) their mondongo.

            1. you put your (temporary) address on a popular website?

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                Did I tell you which room I live? ;)

              2. In addition to the other places people are mentioning, you can get some cheap and very good falafel and shawarma at Jerusalem Restaurant (104th and Broadway) and consistently good Greek food at Kefi (Columbus between 84th and 85th). And the biggest omission of all, probably: Barney Greengrass! I loved their lox omelette. If you want to go a bit north and east, Freda's Caribbean & Soul Cuisine on Columbus near 109th is a cheap, very informal restaurant with very tasty food, and I'm guessing you may not find it too rich for your stomach like I have. You should also do a search on "Upper West Side," "UWS," and other likely search terms.