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Dec 22, 2012 09:29 PM

Marco Island and nearby -- Any current suggestions?

Dear Chowhound,
We are going to be staying on Marco Island for a week this holiday season and are looking for food recommendations. We are looking for yummy but not necessarily fancy options with a bias towards fish /vegetarian when possible. What suits the bill?

Additionally --- are there any Chowhound not-to-be-missed spots there or in the area? How about a go-to place for quality seafood (doesn't have to be fancy)?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Are you staying in a condo or timeshare or a hotel? The reason I ask is there is a great seafood market that makes a papilotte preparation that you just bake for 15-20 minutes. Literally a meal in itself. Here is what I wrote on Yelp:

    "We like to weekend on Marco but have never found any restaurants that we thought were first rate. I read about this little market here yesterday morning and headed over.

    I purchased their en Papilotte vegetable preparation and some very very fresh hog fish (a south Florida snapper, very delicious.) They prepared the hog fish in parchment on a bed of cannelini beans and spinach with julienned veggies and feta on top along with kalamata olives to add some salt with out adding actual salt. I brought it back to our Crystal Shores condo and we had a spectacular dinner facing the gulf at sunset. Can't do that really anywhere here at decent restaurant.

    They had excellent crusty boule and I bought some clarified Plugra butter from them.

    The famous cupcake place nearby was closed for vacation so we bought some keylime gelato sandwiches at Paradise and they were truly excellent. Much better than I would have expected. We will go back in a heart beat. "

    We ate at some the restaurants that are highly rated by hounds. None of them could rise to the above little market. LMF

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      Thanks for the excellent recommendation! We had grouper en Papilotte with veggies from the seafood market tonight for dinner. Couldn't have been happier. We'll likely do that again before we leave. Thanks a ton.