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Dec 22, 2012 09:05 PM

Tevere 84 for party of 10 dinner?

Believe it or not, there are not many threads here for Tevere 84, only mentions in other threads. The first and only time I was there was about 2.5 years ago with my husband. From what I remember, I was very pleased with the service, ambiance and the food. Like any good Jewish person on Christmas, we will be going out to dinner (though not for traditional chinese) and currently have a reservation at Tevere. We are a party of 10 adults. I thought it would be nice to go Tevere since it's quiet, which we want so we can actually have conversations where we can hear one another, and for the food and service to be good. I am tempted to switch to Mike's (if they even had a reservation still available) since they have consistent and good service and food. Should we just stick to Tevere for a change? If so, what menu items do you recommend?

There aren't many other options in Manhattan that fit the bill. We would consider Prime Ko or Colbeh because of their menu, but from the reviews I've read, they seem to be louder and less of the ambiance we're looking for. Thoughts?

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  1. I like Tevere, but the restaurant is small and very cramped. I'm surprised they even took a reservation for ten.

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      I know that the restaurant is small, so I was surprised too. The woman on the phone said it was available, so I hope she is being honest when she says that they will be able to accommodate us, and not trying to squeeze us in (literally and figuratively). She said that it was the last reservation for a large party at that time.

    2. I think the food is better at Mike's, and I agree with GilaB that it could be very cramped at Tevere 84. That being said, if you do go there I like the Roman style artichokes and the lasagna.
      Colbeh does have a private room upstairs and in the back of the restaurant, no idea how many people you would need to score one of those rooms. It would also be slightly cheaper than either Mike's or Tevere.
      I have been to Prime Ko seated next to a large party and if you are looking for somewhere quiet that is definitely not the place to go to.

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        Thanks for the info on the private room at Colbeh. Even if it was a private room, they might still be piping in the loud music to that room and may not be able to control the volume, though I would hope they could. When I called to confirm it would be open on Christmas, I could hear the loud music in the background. We've been to Mike's quite a few times and the menu does not change too often, so I was looking for something different. Though maybe we should save Tevere for another time when it's just a few people? There is also Abigael's which has lots of seating and is pretty quiet.

      2. I really like Tevere. It's quiet and the food is delicious. If they say they can handle 10 on that particular evening, I'm confident that they can.

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        1. re: AdinaA

          Indeed we are going to stick with Tevere and your response makes me more confident, Adina. I see you are a regular chowhounder and seems like you have been to all the kosher Manhattan restaurants many times over (are there any you haven't been to!?) Will let everyone know how it goes.