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The Best Vegetarian Sandwiches in Toronto

Which vegetarian sandwiches (ovo lacto, lacto and/or vegan) would you include?

I haven't tried the vegetarian sandwich at the Black Camel yet, but it's been mentioned a few times on the Board. http://www.blackcamel.ca/sandwiches.htm

Some people I know like the vegetarian club at Mocha Mocha, but I find it boring and bland. http://www.mochamocha.ca/menus_sandwi...

I'm still looking for an amazing Italian eggplant sandwich.

I liked the vegetarian sandwich at Locomotive in the Junction. http://locomotivecoffee.com/menu/

I like the falafel in a pita at Tov Li http://www.tov-li.com/menus.php?pid=S...

I plan to try Dr. Laffa's falafel in the New Year. Also plan to try Dr. Laffa's sabich. http://drlaffa.com/Menu/Sandwiches/in...

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  1. Fabarnak has a great "Crispy Tofu" sandwich that is reminiscent of a banh mi. Perhaps their take on it.

    1. california sandwiches has great eggplant parmigiana sandwiches!

      i also like the ones at the italian sandwich place in the basement of st. lawrence market though they are not fresh (they are readymade on the counter)

      there are some great (if pricey) sandwiches at wanda's pie in the sky in kensington market.

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        yea i had an eggplant at california for lunch (and dinner) today and it was fantastic, even cold it still held its own

        as a less refined, drunker student i used to enjoy the avocado and brie sandwich at the green room/java/affiliates but it's much more delicious to make your own

        1. re: disgusti

          You ate at the Green Room? Brave, very brave.

        2. re: helenhelen

          I totally agree; as a meat eater I sometimes take the Eggplant sandwich instead (although I usually get the chicken w/ eggplant).

          I'd avoid their "veggie" sandwich, though, because I think its just bread + sweet peppers + sauce.

          1. re: Shimso

            i like that sandwich too. it is peppers, bread, sauce, and onions. i'd ask for cheese too. still tasty if you like vegetables. :) but it's no eggplant parmagiana

            1. re: helenhelen

              +1 on the eggplant parmigiana and the veggie sandwich.

        3. Thanks everyone, your recs sound amazing.

          I've been meaning to try Fabernak. http://fabarnak.com/

          Will have to try the California take on the eggplant sandwich.

          I completely forgot that Wanda's sold sandwiches.

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            i like wanda's apple, cheddar and chutney sandwich.. i think that's what's in it, or something like that anyway!

          2. There aren't a lot of options at Delux on Ossington but I crave their avocado sandwich often, it's so good. All the sides options are veggie including fried plantains & rice & beans which I love.

            1. I like Quattro Ragazze's eggplant panini - they're at Danforth & Coxwell.

              1. Also, get a tofu banh mi from Rose's Vietnamese Sandwiches on Gerrard, south side, just east of Broadview. It's quite substantial, filled with tofu and lots of yummy pickled veggies, and for under $3, you can't go wrong.


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                  second the tofu banh mi from Rose's!!!! I am addicted to those. It tastes the best fresh from the store or if you must take them home and have them another day, definitely put it in the toaster oven to crisp up the bread.

                  1. re: Full tummy

                    Love these and at $2.50 you can treat all your friends...

                  2. Two suggestions.

                    The falafel at Sababa is arguably the best in this or any other city. Also, the vegan club sandwich at Loving Hut is ridiculously good, and never mind the meat.

                    1. If you are feeling fancy: I had tea at the Kind Edward hotel and they accomodated several vegetarians (they appreciate advance notice) with some delicious vegetarian options.

                      It was nice to not have to eat just the desserts for a change at high tea.

                      I like tea there better than I've had at the Four Seasons and the Windosor Arms (all those mirrors!!).
                      for what it's worth.

                      In a pinch, Aroma espresso bar totally surprised me with a super fresh chopped egg salad sandwich.

                      If you are near Yonge & Lawrence and want a healthy Italian version of a "parmiggiano" sandwich, they do a grilled eggplant/zucchini with their true in-house tomato sauce and is vegan unless you ask for mozzarella or add parmiggiano yourself liberally. Super healthy and easily have half to eat later or all of it if you are hungry.

                      1. you also can't go wrong with a $2 vietnamese sandwich (banh mi). nguyen huong foods has a lemongrass tofu option. rose cafe has some decent ones too. it tastes best if you take it home and pop it in the oven for a bit until it is warm and crispy.

                        banh mi boys makes a decent tofu banh mi as well, but it costs a whopping $5-6 or so. as a vietnamese person who grew up eating $1-$2 banh mi, i have a hard time justifying this mark-up (though their banh mi is nice and warm.. but again, i like to pop them in the oven anyway if i take them home). at banh mi boys, i usually get their tofu bao instead or the addictive veg kimchi fries.

                        i also like the middle eastern sandwiches you can get from ghazale's on bloor or akram's in kensington market. at ghazale's, i like their veg sandwich (filled with roasted veg like cauliflower, potato, etc.).. and at akram's, you can pick from a whole bunch of options, including spreads, veggies, even halloumi cheese (though their sandwiches are on the smaller, less stuffed side). of course, you can always get falafel at all these places too but i am not a huge fan of falafel (i only "like" it).

                        the "BLT" at live (the raw food place on dupont) is good too.

                        i am a big fan of panini with good ciabatta bread, roasted veg, and slightly melted cheese. anyone know where to get a good veg panini?

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                        1. re: helenhelen

                          I'd stay away from Akram's, Worst falafel I've ever had!

                          1. re: kwass

                            really? i haven't had one in ages but i don't recall it being bad.

                            they have other sandwiches too, which i have enjoyed.
                            they also have a great $5 hot meal special which changes everyday.

                            1. re: helenhelen

                              I went in the summer. It was actually the 1st time that I had tried Akram's and I was really looking forward to it since I had heard so many great things about it. I ended up throwing 1/2 of it away. The pita was dry, and the falafel was quite dry as well. I would never go back. Especially when there are so many good places in the city for falafel.

                              1. re: kwass

                                eh I've had that falafel a buncha times it's mediocre but it's like 2.50 and sometimes it's really good

                                The combo plates there are the money tho

                        2. Anyone have a new favourite veg sandwich?

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                          1. re: prima

                            Can't resist adding a plug for Clubhouse Sandwiches (Spadina and College) - I'm hooked on the fried tomato with goat cheese, eggplant, avocado and arugula.


                            Also +1 for California Sandwiches eggplant, and Rose's!

                            1. re: Klafouti

                              And the fries at Clubhouse are my favourite.

                              I'm not a vegetarian, but I'll take the Eggplant sandwich at California; its actually my second favourite sandwich there behind the Chicken w/ eggplant.

                          2. Tori's Bakeshop smoked coconut "BLT" is a masterpiece. Great house made bread, vegan mayo, lettuce tomatoes and, yes, that coconut is pretty great.

                            1. what about here?

                              i haven't tried their burgers, but the chaats and masala fries are amazing.. so i imagine their sandwiches are too. can't wait to come back and eat some more!

                              1. If you're ever near Kipling station, Kebab 49 makes a mean veggie sandwich. I'm not talking about a falafel sandwich, but rather a sandwich that consists of all their veggie platter items stuffed into some of their fresh, homemade bread.

                                As it's not actually a menu item, every time I order it, it is a slightly different sandwich, but it is consistently delicious. Possible fillings include fried eggplant and zucchini, eggplant salad, tabule, cheese, yogurt sauce, hummus.... basically it depends on who's making it and what's available. I guess you could specify which items you want them to include. Ask for some hot sauce. The bread is made in-house and is fantastic.

                                Just ask for a veggie sandwich and refer to the doner on their menu if they ask. $5.65 for a huge, tasty sandwich.

                                1. I had Hey Meatball's vegan ball sandwich tonight. Surprisingly good. Mushroom gravy a bit too gummy for my liking, but very good flavours, and balls are made of hearty veggies, no weird 'faux' stuff.

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