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Dec 22, 2012 08:49 PM

The Best Vegetarian Sandwiches in Toronto

Which vegetarian sandwiches (ovo lacto, lacto and/or vegan) would you include?

I haven't tried the vegetarian sandwich at the Black Camel yet, but it's been mentioned a few times on the Board.

Some people I know like the vegetarian club at Mocha Mocha, but I find it boring and bland.

I'm still looking for an amazing Italian eggplant sandwich.

I liked the vegetarian sandwich at Locomotive in the Junction.

I like the falafel in a pita at Tov Li

I plan to try Dr. Laffa's falafel in the New Year. Also plan to try Dr. Laffa's sabich.

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  1. Fabarnak has a great "Crispy Tofu" sandwich that is reminiscent of a banh mi. Perhaps their take on it.

    1. california sandwiches has great eggplant parmigiana sandwiches!

      i also like the ones at the italian sandwich place in the basement of st. lawrence market though they are not fresh (they are readymade on the counter)

      there are some great (if pricey) sandwiches at wanda's pie in the sky in kensington market.

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      1. re: helenhelen

        yea i had an eggplant at california for lunch (and dinner) today and it was fantastic, even cold it still held its own

        as a less refined, drunker student i used to enjoy the avocado and brie sandwich at the green room/java/affiliates but it's much more delicious to make your own

        1. re: disgusti

          You ate at the Green Room? Brave, very brave.

        2. re: helenhelen

          I totally agree; as a meat eater I sometimes take the Eggplant sandwich instead (although I usually get the chicken w/ eggplant).

          I'd avoid their "veggie" sandwich, though, because I think its just bread + sweet peppers + sauce.

          1. re: Shimso

            i like that sandwich too. it is peppers, bread, sauce, and onions. i'd ask for cheese too. still tasty if you like vegetables. :) but it's no eggplant parmagiana

            1. re: helenhelen

              +1 on the eggplant parmigiana and the veggie sandwich.

        3. Thanks everyone, your recs sound amazing.

          I've been meaning to try Fabernak.

          Will have to try the California take on the eggplant sandwich.

          I completely forgot that Wanda's sold sandwiches.

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          1. re: prima

            i like wanda's apple, cheddar and chutney sandwich.. i think that's what's in it, or something like that anyway!

          2. There aren't a lot of options at Delux on Ossington but I crave their avocado sandwich often, it's so good. All the sides options are veggie including fried plantains & rice & beans which I love.

            1. I like Quattro Ragazze's eggplant panini - they're at Danforth & Coxwell.