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Dec 22, 2012 08:44 PM

Relish trays like the ones at olden days supper clubs and steakhouses?

We're grilling steaks for Christmas Eve (in upper midwest this is a bit of a feat because it'll be at most 20F..) Been thinking of relish trays at fancy restaurants we used to go to when we were little. Usually there were pickles (black) olives, carrot sticks, celery sticks and rye krisp crackers and breadsticks in little packages.

The good ones had those things plus things like radishes, scallions, pickled herring, pickled peppers, cheese, salami.
what else? e.g I read that there's a place in Vermont that serves the above with a dip made from cottage cheese and horseradish.

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  1. You have pretty much covered all the bases already. What I remember back in the 60' was common to see the following as well on tables.....part of a bread basket, relish tray or separately:

    Melba Toast
    Small Pumpernickel
    Sesame Breadsticks
    Wine Cheese Balls with Ritz Crackers
    Cottage Cheese and Corn Relish
    Chopped Liver
    Creamed Herring
    Gefilte Fish

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    1. re: fourunder

      fourunder, you might be part of my family! We also had chopped herring. No popovers, tho.

      At restaurants in RI in the 60s, the relish trays commonly had melba toast, breadsticks, cottage cheese, corn relish (or pepper relish), and Wispride-type cheese spread. And they usually could be spun around.

      1. re: Bob W

        I forgot the three-bean salad!

    2. That sounds so perfect. Wine cheese balls. Funny my husband is making chopped liver (chicken liver pate) right now. It's a tradition. I was born in 1965 so relish trays are a fond but distant memory. I just remembered there was a place with deviled ham.

        1. I did read your thread Beach Chick. It's not crudites!

          1. Oh no no no! Someone said a relish tray was basically "crudites" and I only meant to say that they aren't that. I completely love your relish tray fandom and concur.

            I went back and read too..the poster said "crudos" nonetheless I meant no disrespect to you or them.

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            1. re: cherrylime

              Thanks cherrylime!

              Long live the relish tray..

              1. re: Beach Chick

                Big fan of the relish tray too. I could make a meal from just those selections offered and go home happy.