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Dec 22, 2012 08:25 PM

Miami Sunday Lunch?

Hi Chowhounders, I'm organizing Sunday lunch for a few friends from London who are staying at Fontainebleau. We were going to go to Joe's Stone Crab, but it isn't open at that time. Any ideas? Am open to anything except Cuban as that is saved for another night. Many thanks in advance! Max Tartuffo

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  1. Michael's Genuine is a no-brainer but will be impossible to get a reservation this late. You may be able to walk in and get a table depending on size of the group. I always enjoy sitting at the bar there and could work if it's a small group.

    Chef Philip Ho is about twelve minutes north and serves excellent push cart dim sum. Not very Miami-ish but great nonetheless.

    The Dutch recently started a weekend brunch. It's $60 but includes unlimited champagne and bloody's and they do an excellent job there.

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      Thanks for all these great suggestions. I managed to get a reservation at the Dutch and MC Kitchen, so I need to make the decision. (You know how Chowhounders obsess on this stuff!!) I appreciate any nudges in the right direction.

    2. In the Design District at 4141 N. 2nd Ave. is MC Kitchen, modern Italian. We had an excellent lunch there recently and shared three dishes. Ribolita, Tuscan bread soup, Florida grouper salad and sausage and broccoli rabe pizza. All were delicious. Good portions and fair prices and we had very good service. Gorgeous restaurant design. I can't wait to go back for dinner. Music is not too loud and you can converse easily.

      1. The correct address is 4141 NE 2nd Ave., Miami.

        1. The Dutch (metioned by CF) is also another option, as is Barceloneta.

          I do not recommend Hakkasan, because your friends are from London.

          Edit: I heard Scarpetta had a brunch. That might be a good option. The restaurant is expensive but very good and they are right in your hotel.