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Dec 22, 2012 06:27 PM

Girl's night out!:)

I need a restaurant recommendation for a Tuesday night in January. We really would like great food and fun atmosphere with some possible celeb sightings! Please name your top three picks...

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  1. Some places with all that are Locanda Verde,Osteria Morini, Kittichai, Babbo,
    Super Linda, Artusi, Tribeca Canvas, Megu,Nobu ( yes still) ABC Kitchen, the Dutch, Minetta, Tribeca Grill, Balthazar, ,Pastis... the list goes on and on.

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      Great thanks!! Now if you were to narrow these down to just a couple that would really be a blast and also be in a neighborhood with fun nightlife which ones?

    2. We will be there Jan. 13-16. We obviously need a reservation soon. We are hair stylists and mothers and rarely get a night out ecspecially in NYC! We are mid 30's and love good food but it doesn't have to be too fancy shmancy!:)

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        Toughest reservation will be Locanda Verde, Babbo, Minetta Tavern, ABC kitchen. Maybe Tribeca Canvas because it's brand new. I'd say you can't go wrong with Locanda Verde or Babbo. None of the places listed are fancy shmancy but some people will get all dressed up at Babbo. I like Babbo upstairs. I like Super Linda Downstairs. Minetta is smaller and gets pretty tight. Kittichai is a nice looking place and the bar at the Thompson Hotel ( same just up the stairs) is a fun bar.
        Food is fine at all of them. Babbo being the most fancy of the food. I'd suggest going to their websites and seeing what looks best and what food sounds best. All places listed are below 23rd street. I am no fan of uptown. Downtown is more relaxed.

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          I would reserve ASAP or be prepared to wait for a table since you are planning only a few weeks in advance. Some of the places mentioned take reservations a month in advance, and fill up quick.

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