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Dec 22, 2012 05:16 PM

Lamb Front (shoulder, shank and some ribs) in one big piece... Roast? Braise?

Saw these on sale at the butcher, pretty big piece, cost almost $40... Looks like one side of the front of the lamb, so it has a fore-shank, shoulder and some ribs.

I was thinking stuff some garlic gloves into the meat, rub with salt and some anchovies and olive oil, and roast?

Or I could try to butcher it up further and braise?

No idea.. Advice?

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  1. If I am reading the info correctly,you have no neck or breast.
    if so,not knowing weight or when you get in how much fat you will need to trim,I would do one of three things

    bone out completely and form a rolled roast,stuff,garlic,fennel , thyme,salt and pepper,cooked low and slow

    leave as is and roast/braise with? you call it Clearly you cook enough lamb to feel good making the purchase to already know what you like with lamb.For me it would be a giant tagine.

    or butcher But what to do with one shank etc? If you can purpose,re-purpose the work,go for it

    1. I love roasted shoulder, especially with attached ribs; I've always gotten just the shoulder itself. Boning these is a real trick, and I've never mastered it, so if I get a bone-in one I'll roast it, and if it's a boned one I'll braise it or make a stew. I kinda think that if I were to get what you're looking at I'd remove the foreshank - those are the best shanks, by far - and cook it with some beans sometime soon (crock pot or oven braising), and then I'd roast the rest and just figure on spending a happy hour or two amongst the bones.

      1. Maybe I do have a neck? Hard to say for me, I have no idea. I think I thought I knew what it looked like, but I'm less sure as time goes on. :) It's 8 pounds.


        So I guess I trim the fat a bit and roast, I doubt I have something big enough to braise this in unless I cut it down.. I also have a Big Green Egg type barbecue I could toss this into.. Hrmmm.

        But roasting does sound good :)

        Is that hanging arm a foreshank? I thought it was but maybe not...

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          Pretty piece of meat.You did good.

          Puffin3 seems to be in the "bone out,roll and tie" school also,with almost no obligatory inside trim.
          Yes,there is a bit of neck and shank.I might remove them for another braise recipe with most or all of the bones.

          Big Green Egg,I like the idea,a lot.Can you come up with a roll that will fit? Do you have rosemary or thyme to add to or near the fire?And me,BGE delivers the most perfect whole roast onions!

        2. Yes, you have a shoulder. There's a lot of great meat there. I usually have mine butchered where I get as many lamb chops as possible FIRST, and with the remaining meat I usually use it in stews to make a curry.

          Try your butchering skills -->

          1. Yeah, I'd bone out everything and do a rolled 'low and slow' roast. Cut slits in the meat and stuff with garlics and fresh rosemary. Anchovy/OO/salt/pepper paste rub. Simmer the shank till falling off the bone chop very fine and add to whatever sauce/gravy you are making.

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            1. re: Puffin3

              Since boning out that nice piece of neck is almost impossible, and since the best way to cook neck is a slow braise bones & all anyway, I'd advise our OP to remove and reserve that and roast the rest.

              1. re: Will Owen

                That was sort of my take above after I saw the picture.