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Dec 22, 2012 05:09 PM

Hatboro - Kasbah Cafe

Michael Klein gave a shout out to the Hatboro dining scene a few weeks ago in his column, calling the town a "mini-United Nations."

One place he mentioned was Kasbah Cafe, highlighting the short rib entree at this new restaurant as well as the Moroccan chef's background at Frog Commissary catering. That short rib was calling my name, so we stopped by for dinner. The short rib did not disappoint, and neither did a very moist chicken entree with Moroccan flavors. The French vinaigrette for our salad was also a stand out. It was a friendly atmosphere, and we felt there was special and quality cooking going on in the kitchen here.

We'd like to return for another visit, maybe also to check out Indian, Portuguese restaurants mentioned in Michael Klein's blurb and explore Hatboro a bit more. Any recommendations?

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  1. Would appreciate a link to this article.

    1. Link to Michael Klein column:

      He doesn't mention this in the blurb, but La Morena Taqueria is a great little Mexican restaurant in Hatboro.

      1. We ate at Kasbah Cafe last night. I started off with the hummus, so delishous with little cubes of tomato gave it a nice pop of flavor. Hub had the pepper salad with beans. I didnt taste it but he loved it. Entrees were the short ribs for me, OMG so tender and flavorful you didnt even need a knife. The potatoe cake that came with it was really good too with a slight horseradish kick. Hub had the braised lamb which was like a lamb stew with olives, carrots, pearl onions. He really enjoyed it. No desert because we were full. The decor is nice blue and tan colors. We had a res at 8:15 and the resturant was pretty full. The only down side was that we were too late for the main special, it was sold out! Service was attentive and friendly. We will definatly be back. Try out this gem in Hatboro!