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Dec 22, 2012 04:24 PM

ISO Horseradish - Where's the good stuff?

Who makes an excellent prepared product, and where is it sold?

Mrs Whites, Strubs, Feature, etc continue to disappoint

Where's the good stuff?

( preferably white - not infused with beet juice)

Thanks in advance


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  1. I really like horseradish, and I have been grating the whole root into the food processor, then switching out the shredder for the blade, adding a bit of salt (maybe 1/2 teasp.), some sugar (a teaspoon or so), then processing with maybe a cup of cider vinegar until it's the right consistancy.

    The root costs me about $4 at the grocery (I've found it at Kroger and Walmart, so it's not difficult to find), and I get at least 1 1/2 cups of horseradish out of it.

    In a pinch, I'll use whatever is in the cold section of the grocery store.

      1. any East European deli, either imported from Poland, or made in Canada w a Polish-sounding name. Think my current jar is Cieslak (Canadian), bought in Wisla plaza (Dixie & Bloor) or Starsky's.

        1. Kozlicks, definitely! Made in Toronto. Sold at St.Lawrence market and some small deli's and speciality food stores in Toronto. At St.Lawrence about 5 bucks a bottle.

          1. You should ask the Keg Mansion where they get theirs. Maybe it's fresh. Had some there before Christmas and it was the most powerful I've ever tasted. Not too vinegary, either.

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              Like others on this thread, I lean towards the Kozlik's product - $5 at the Kozlik's stall in St. Lawrence Market. It does what any good horseradish should do: clears the sinuses, sears the brain, makes the eyes water, causes the earlobes to quiver, and lets bygones be bygones. But I recognize that, in a pinch, just about any supermarket white horseradish will do pretty much the same thing - at about half the price.

              Red horseradish is for sissies.