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Dec 22, 2012 04:06 PM

Sycamore, Newton Centre?

Has anyone tried Sycamore in Newton Centre? What do you think?

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  1. I had the pleasure of eating there last last night (Sat). Very nice room, great atmosphere, wonderful drinks. The open kitchen is great and the service was spot on. A shout out to Matt who was our server, who did a great job.
    Wonderful menu, we had leg of lamb and steak frites and both were top notch. Sides of cauliflower gratine and roasted brussell sprouts were great. Rabbit turine and agnolotti for starters. The cod croquettes from the snack menu were also wonderful.Warm chocolate cake and goat cheese cheesecake for desert. All the way through a great meal. Looking forward to going back.

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      Sounds like a good addition to the area. Thanks!

    2. (Full disclosure, my roommate is the chef de cuisine at Sycamore, but I wouldn't rave about her restaurant if I didn't mean it. :)

      I went on Sunday, and I agree with Walthamfoodman that it's a great place. It is cozy and warm with brick walls, simple light fixtures, and one room for the bar and one for the 30-something seat dining room. Service was very attentive and friendly.

      We had the gougeres to start. They were light and airy but packed with flavor and served in a tiny red enameled pot. Then I had the parsnip soup with apples and crostini topped with smoked trout. The soup was silky and nicely seasoned, and the trout was melt in the mouth delicious. My brother ordered the Maine carrots with sformata, which ended up surprising both of us - it had the lovely, creamy, cheesy sformata along with a kind of salad of various carrots (different colors, some shaved, some julienned, some sliced) and herbs, and the contrasting components just worked beautifully together as well as looking lovely.

      For entrees, I had the housemade boudin blanc which was nicely seared and delicious over flageolet bean puree and braised red cabbage. It was rich, flavorful, and rustic without being heavy. My brother had the choux farci, cabbage stuffed with at least three types of mushrooms, over polenta which he really enjoyed. And for dessert we had beignets with apple butter and creme anglaise. Again, a dish that was rich, but light and perfectly executed.

      I expected to enjoy the meal, but I didn't expect it to be perfect, especially in the first week. But it really was excellent. I expect they will be booked pretty solid as word starts to get out.

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        Taking my mom there on Saturday, I'll report back (and I made the reservation prior to seeing the previous post

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          Did not get there due to the storm, will try again

      2. We went there a few nights ago and I agree with everyone who posted that it is a great addition to the Newton restaurant community. I had stuffed cabbage with mushrooms which was delicious and my husband had a roast chicken breast with brussell sprouts and chestnuts that was the best chicken dish we have had in a long time. The chicken was perfectly cooked with a crisp crust.The salad was well dressed with a nice balance of ingredients.. The bar tending was great with a great selection of local beers and wines by the glass. The staff could not have been more welcoming and interested in what the patrons thought.

        1. We went last night and had a fantastic meal- I can't tell you how excited I am that we finally have a good restaurant in the 'burbs! Great atmosphere too-- there is a low wall separating the bar area/entrance from the dining room, which looks good and also prevents diners from getting blasted with cold air every time the door opens, which I appreciated immensely last night! Not sure if that was part if its intended purpose but it works.

          Standouts were:

          - salt-cured foie-gras on toast with membrillo - it was sort of shaved on and melted in your mouth
          - the handmade agnolotti- filled with meat (chicken, pork and beef, I think?) in a jus that I wanted to bathe in
          -raw winter veggies in bagna cauda- veggies were perfect, crisp and flavorful, bagna cauda was delish

          My DC and I shared the duck board which was insane: confit, duck breast, duck sausage and pastrami. The pastrami came with a celeriac remoulade and was a great combo of salty and creamy/crisp. The duck breast was great (and I normally don't like duck breast)- very thinly sliced and tender. Confit was melty and crisp, and came with some cabbage that I found a tad too rich, my only real criticism. Sausage was great too.

          3 of our friends had the steak frites which they all liked, and one had the "blackboard special" which was a 3 course dinner for $33. She had an amazing Turkish red lentil soup with lamb in filo dough, a chicken that I didn't get a chance to try, but which she said was great, and beignets. We ordered an extra plate of beignets for the table which were
          were fluffy and light.

          Staff was super friendly and helpful, definitely doesn't seem like they've only been open a month-ish!