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Dec 22, 2012 03:08 PM

Where to eat in Pottstown

Headed to a dance in Pottstown in mid-January and need to find a place for an early dinner. We looking for something "dressy casual". Not a burger joint, but a decent sit-down dinner w/wine (could be BYOB), in the range of $60-$100 for 2. We'll be coming from the Wayne area, driving 422, so anything along the way would work.

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  1. -Funky Lil Kitchen right in Pottstown is a highly rated little place
    -Craft Ale House in Limerick is 5 mins away from Sanatoga exit of 422, nice little craft beer/gastropub. Only 10 min away from Pottstown
    -Phoenixville has many great restaurants, I like Molly Maguires Irish Pub and Thai L'Elephant for Thai. This is right on the way to Pottstown as well and a stop off 422.

    1. Henry's Cafe for great seafood

      1. Thanks, 94Bravo & Chefmonty. After driving on 422 the other day, we realized that we had forgotten about PF Chang's. That's where we've decided to go. However, we definitely plan to go to both Henry's Cafe and Funky Lil Kitchen in the near future.

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          If you want to go to Funky Lil Kitchen, hurry and go. The Inq announced the property is for sale, and the owner is going to open up a food truck. Its worth making time to eat there if you have reason to be out that way.

        2. The Kimberton Inn is just a short detour from Phoenixville on the old route to Pottstown. There website will offer directions specific to your route. Certainly "dressy casual" with an excellent menu, professional friendly service in a lovely venue. Depending upon the night one may find a piano player tickling the ivory.