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Dec 22, 2012 02:42 PM

Tourtiere in Toronto?

Anyone know where I can get one on Dec 24th?

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  1. Hogtown Charcuterie in Kensington had them the other day.

    1. Cumbrae's may have one - I bought one at the Dundas location this week.

      1. Thuet had a booth at the Christmas market selling various tourtieres. Worth a call to one of their locations to see if they're open and selling on the 24th.

        1. The Taste of Quebec in the Distillery District is selling them today. Give them a call.

          1. Flaky Tart on Mt. Pleasant

            Gilead (not certain they will have extra, when we got some from them a couple years ago on the 24 we ordered them in advance)