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Dec 22, 2012 02:30 PM


Same owner as Dan Tanas. Great looking menu.

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    1. Love Doma. It is the real deal. Very warm, wonderful service, great food and reasonable prices. It's a treasure. I predict a long run for this new restaurant. We have been a couple of times and have recommended it to friends. All have raved about it.

      1. My expereince with a party of 7 last night was somewhat different from maudie's.
        After reading so many good reviews on CH and yelp, I chose Doma for some discriminating out of town guests. We received a very warm welcome from Francesco, who knew two of our party very well. Francesco explained they were still in the soft opening. Our waiter then sang the praises of Doma, Chef Tanni and it's superiority to Toscana. We were quite excited.
        Apps of carmelized pear pizza, a couple of salads, and calamari were very good. Eggplant, fine, but nothing any different from anywhere else.
        The entrees were good at best, and in some cases left much to be desired. The swordfish milanese a bit dry, but tasty...of four orders of the rigatoni in beef sauce, two were undercooked and under sauced....the $51 veal chop was about 10 oz. and lightly breaded, not a meaty grilled chop as expected for the price....only the steak was really satisfactory.
        We had only coffee, no dessert. We had caf and decaf coffee, and a cappucino. All were weak and we left them unfinished.
        Francesco graciously comped the rigatonis, and was surprised at our comments about the coffee. I wondered, how could he not know the coffee was mediocre, it wasn't just one, but three different types.....unless they were just having a bad coffee night.
        Anyhow, there is a lot to be worked out at Doma during the remainder of the soft opening. We brought our own wine, and if the rigatonis had not been comped our bill would have been almost $500 + tip. Not a deal for what we had.
        p.s. The room was very good looking, sophisticated and felt like Milan.

        1. Have now dined at Doma several times. I just want to alert Chowhounders to an extraordinary pasta dish which my husband and I shared last week.
          "Coco tortellini filled with ginger shrimp and scallop mousse, thai sweet chili bur blanc, sesame and peanut butter powder, micro purple basil"
          I was quite wary of "chocolate pasta" and the riot of flavors and textures incorporated in the dish. I have to say that this was one of the most breathtakingly delicious and original iterations of tortellini I ever experienced. This chef knows his pasta.

          1. Really want to like it, like I really want to like Craig's but IMO both fall WAY short.

            PS: Gave Craig, 5 tries, unedible
            Doma 3 tries, mediocre.