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Dec 22, 2012 02:29 PM

Looking for AMAZING X-Mas Day buffet in WeHo/Bev Hills/Century City

The Better Half and I will be doing multiple holiday/family events on Christmas and have a five-hour window, 12-5, that is not spoken for. Would love to go to an amazing holiday buffet in the area, just the two of us. The kind with raw seafood, carving stations, etc.

Any recommendations?

(I searched for this topic before posting, but the latest I could find is from 2011, and two of the places mentioned aren't even open any longer)

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    1. Four Seasons on Doheny. It's beautiful, delicious and everything you're looking for.

      1. Four Seasons is booked and we're on the wait list for Scarpetta. Both great and I have my fingers crossed that Scarpetta opens up. Still looking, though -- just in case.

        Thanks for the replies! Keep 'em coming.

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        1. re: VJA

 Sorry, should have looked first. They are closed on Xmas day.

        2. Wound up at Scarpetta and it was awesome! May be a new tradition.