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Dec 22, 2012 02:15 PM

Anyone know where I can buy a crown roast?

Hey everyone I'm trying to buy a crown roast for christmas eve dinner (yes, this late in the game). But I'm not having much luck. Anyone know where I can get one without going to a specialty butchers? I live in the San Gabriel Valley but I work in West LA and am near several Whole Foods and a Gelsons.

To be more specific I'm trying to get a beef roast rather than lamb or pork which I believe are the usual kinds used for said meal. Also if anyone has some tips on cooking a beef crown roast or interesting, but simple, recipes i'd greatly appreciate them.

Thanks in advance everyone!

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  1. When I think of "crown" roast, it is usually a whole rack of pork which you form in a circle and roast. Never heard of a whole rack of beef cooked that way. It would be huge and would feed a small army. I think you are looking for a beef rib roast. They are on special at Ralph's for like $5 a pound. Choice grade. I just bought a 5 pounder which I am aging for a few days. An instant read thermometer is a must have. Google recipes for prime rib. Bring the rib to room temp then, salt and pepper, start in a hot oven for about 15 20 minutes, then to. 350 for 17 min/lb. take it out when it's about 124 degrees. Don't forget the horseradish sauce.

    1. I see standing bone-in beef rib roast everywhere. Whole Foods has wonderful quality. I forget if they have bone-in, but Costco also has exceptional quality (esp the usda prime) and at excellent value.

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        Right. I just think the issue was the "crown" style in which the ribs form a round circle in the middle over the top of the meat, which look like a "crown" (and hence the name), and which I have only seen with either pork or lamb.

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            I retract that, picture doesn't match recipe. Sorry.

        1. I had one tied up several weeks ago at a larger Stater Bros. near me.
          They need several days notice. A good price too!
          You'll need a second mortgage if you go to Gelsons!

          1. I'll echo the suggestion of Costco - not a big fan of the place but their beef prices and selection, both prime and choice, is pretty hard to beat. We're doing a bone in prime rib roast for Christmas dinner which is on day five of a seven day aging process.