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Dec 22, 2012 01:57 PM

Sister moving to Oceanside-help me give her a restaurant gift certificate

Hi, all! My sister's moving from Arizona to Oceanside the day after Christmas, so I didn't want to buy her any more stuff she has to move. I was going to be boring and get her yet another Amazon gift card, but then realized she'd asked for a San Diego restaurant gift certificate. I can only budget $50; what would you recommend? She likes drinking wine, sitting outside, great Italian food and fresh innovative cooking. She loves Mexican, but probably that wouldn't be as special for her coming from Arizona. She's not a big fish eater and her boyfriend doesn't eat much dairy. They also really enjoy going out for brunch, so a rec there would be good. Oceanside itself would be awesome, but don't restrict to that. Thanks so much :)

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  1. Just south of Oceanside is Carlsbad. Paon restaurant and wine bar might be perfect.

    Also in Carlsbad is Relm Wine bar

    In Oceanside 333 Pacific I only recommend it for Happy Hour for drinks and apps. It's right across from the beach and Oceanside Pier.

    Not for your gift but just places she should check out for food in Oceanside

    Petite Madelin for coffee and baked goods and good breakfast
    That Boy Good for real BBQ
    The Flying Pig Gastro Pub
    Swamis great organic breakfast and lunch

    1. Flying Pig Pub & Kitchen, maybe Harney Sushi.

        1. How about a gift cert to Stone Brewing Co or Iron Fist Brewing Co or both!.

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            Just did a tasting with Iron Fist and That Boy Good in order to pair their beers with BBQ. The Double Fisted with ribs was off the chart good. Really great people too. While I like Stone (and they have done so much for local beer in SD) Iron Fist's beer are much more complex.

            Still your right can't go wrong with either.

          2. Beach Break Cafe is wonderful, just serves breakfast and lunch. It's on Coast Hwy in Oceanside. Have been going there over 15 years, can't beat it for breakfast. They also have wonderful mahi mahi grilled fish tacos.