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Dec 22, 2012 12:09 PM

Replicating outdoor grill results on a regular range

We are about to get rid of a dual fuel, downdraft JennAir that had the gas grill on top. Since we are in a very cold climate, we used it a couple times a month in winter (we use our outside grill when the weather is better) to do chicken breasts, shrimp or the occasional steak. It certainly wasn't perfect, but it was better than standing outside in the snow. And, there are only two of us, so it could handle our needs.

We won't be getting a range with a grill on top again. What would be my best bet to do something similar inside on a regular range? A good grill pan for the top of the stove? Broiling? Some other option? And, if it is broiling, is an infrared, ceramic gas grill unit in a gas range really a lot better than an electric broiler that comes with a dual fuel stove? We are looking at both all gas and dual fuel so trying to figure out if this is part of the decision as to what to go with. Thanks much.

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  1. Infrared broilers are amazing. I have spent a lot on two different stoves (moved away and stove left behind not a replacement) and one of the requirements was the infrared. Not really comparable to a grill, but does a damn good job whenever you want browning--I use it most for various gratins and open-faced sandwiches.

    1. All I have ever had was a standard electric coil broiler, so that is why I was asking about the comparison.

      1. Hi, juliest:

        I've never had a coil electric broiler that's been worth having--they tend to be very uneven, so you have to turn and shift the dish to TRY to even it out. The gas ones I've had have been better, but not particularly even, either, except at the exact left-right axis line in the oven.

        I think your best bet, if you have the room and the $$$, would be a separate salamander unit. But a grill pan works, too; you just lose the direct heat aspect of the broil.


        1. Well, no money and no space for a separate salamander, so it might be the grill pan if I don't go with a range with the infrared ceramic broiler (what excondido recommends as being good). Thanks.

          1. The broiler,next would be a burner top grill pan,cast iron.

            Modern ceramic broilers really are amazing as are some of the stove top grill pans, if you have the btu's and exhaust.Retiring my Vulcan w/salamandre to the out side kitchen has worked out fine,no regrets in vile weather.