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Dec 22, 2012 11:42 AM

what has been the greatest "happy accident" you have had, while cooking?

Did you put in the wrong ingredient and create a masterpiece of a meal?
Do tell.......

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  1. Ha good question! I can barely remember but I know there have been times when my husband has said this is the best XYZ you have ever made and me having no recollection on what I did differently.

    Perfect example is meatloaf and meatballs, lasagna, most soups and stews and ice cream. I make them with what ever I have on hand, not following a recipe, making it up as a go along. I always tell myself to write it down if I go way off the basic track but never do.

    Or the time I made this amazing pear and caramel tart and substituted all kinds of things and it came out so good. I have never been able to duplicate it….

    1. I'm sure this isn't what you are looking for but I was prepping for a meal and had a 3 quart tupperware canister on the counter. I put a clear plastic bag that I had gotten from the produce section of the grocery store in that canister and used as a garbage bowl. When I was through I just tied it off and threw it in the garbage.

      More on target ... I decided to brine my pork tenderloins with soy sauce and pineapple juice instead of sugar and salt. It turned out great!

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      1. re: Hank Hanover

        I'd be really careful not to do that for too long unless the pineapple has been cooked or otherwise processed to inactive the bromelain. It could turn your meat to mush.

        1. re: JonParker

          Now, I've only ever eaten teriyaki (and not cooked it myself) , but isn't pineapple juice a classic component?

          1. re: Violatp

            Yes, but CANNED juice. I made Bulgogi and thought I'd go "first class" for ingredients, so I used fresh pineapple which I pureed in a blender instead of canned juice. 3 hours later, I had meat paste.

            1. re: sbp

              Ah, got it.

              "The more you know!"

          2. re: JonParker

            I only brine pork tenderloins for an hour. Soy sauce and pineapple juice is pretty powerful.

        2. I once accidently turned off the oven while baking a cherry pie. Half an hour later, I remembered it and turned it back on. I finished baking the pie and it was the best pie we've ever had!

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          1. re: sandylc

            Recently saw an episode of America's Test Kitchen which mentioned something like this- they had a power outage while testing methods for roasting chickens in a preheated skillet & now recommend turning the oven off midway through cooking, leaving the bird in until finished.


            1. re: eclecticsynergy

              This goes to the concept of roasting/cooking proteins just below the 212 F mark. The preheated skillet had enough heat in it to sort of duplicate the method. Since I've been using the 'always below 210F' method every dish I make with protein in it is IMO far tastier/juicer/tender than any other method.

          2. Natural unsweetened peanut butter and chicken soup. This addition was a result of me experimenting and "correcting" an otherwise bland soup. I knew of a Jamaican/African Peanut soup, so I threw caution to the wind and went with it. Glad I did.

            1. Must be about 30 years ago, my older brother had just gotten married and was spending the holidays with his in-laws, but sent me a $40 check and asked me to spend it to buy our Dad a bottle from a specific year from the Pfrum vinyards in Germany. (Something he'd sampled during a wine-tasting course.) The wine was delicious, there was about a third of a bottle left after Christmas dinner, which got stuck in the fridge door. A couple days later Mom made a beef stew, and not realizing it was the VERY expensive wine, poured the last of it into the mix. Dad was very torn between being mad and telling her it was the best beef stew he'd ever eaten.

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