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Dec 22, 2012 11:41 AM

Alternative gratin toppings?

Most gratin recipes call for a topping of bread crumbs/panko but do you have a favourite alternative? (I know crackers are used sometimes but I prefer to avoid anything pre-processed.) This would be for a saucy cauliflower/cheese gratin.

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  1. I like a browned top rather than a crunchy one, so I finish the dish with a layer of cheese drizzled with heavy cream. It makes it so brown and yummy.

    1. Puff pastry perhaps?

      Sort of like a vegetable pot pie?

      1. Ground nuts, especially almonds and walnuts with a little thyme and super-sharp grated cheddar or parm are delicious. That's my go-to gratin topping when I know my nut-allergic son won't be eating with us.

        1. Reviving my year-old question because I just saw this article:

          Has anyone tried this?

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            You never responded to the first replies l - :

          2. Corn flakes might make an interesting topping.