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Best THICK CUT Bacon in LA

Where can I find it???

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  1. Vicente Foods has Nueski bacon. They will slice it to any thickness you desire.

    1. I don't know if its the best, but European Meat Specialties in an industrial park on Saticoy just west of Coldwater, makes several types of bacon. They will slice it to order, or you can purchase it as a slab. I believe HOWS Market in Pasadena still makes their own, as well as Jim's Fallbrook Market in West Hills. Surfas carries Nueske. To be honest I think Trader Joe's applewood smoked is right up there with any of the others even though they no longer carry Niman Ranch.

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        The TJ applewood smoked is godly and cheap as dirt.

      2. Ask Harvey Guss if he has thick cut. (323) 937-4622
        The thin cut is amazing.

        1. What about restaurants that serve it?

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            My absolute favorite is at Canele where they cure their own. I always take some home for a BLT later.

          2. Marcondas Meats in Farmers Market, 3rd/Fairfax, will slice to order, including the wonderful slabs from Holland. In Santa Monica, Bob's Market on Ocean Park I'm sure will slice to order.

            1. My new favorite is Zoe's bacon at Farmshop in Brentwood. It is beyond delicious.

              1. The pecan wood smoked bacon at Huntington Meats at 3rd & Fairfax is awfully good.

                Mr Taster

                1. Some whole foods have good thick cut bacon. It's the slab bacon they sell by the pound. Stick with the slab bacon and don't get any of their other smoked bacons with flavoring. I tried them once when they were out of the slab bacon and it was not bacon. It was more like the pork belly you'd get at Honey Pig or Parks. It wasn't bad but not the same type of smokey, salty, porky flavor you want in the morning with eggs.

                  1. I like the slab bacon at Schreiner's in Montrose. I don't believe it's dry-cured - something else I want to look for - but it's very good and not expensive. I usually just buy a slab of about 2 lbs and slice it myself.

                    I'm WAY overdue for a visit to Marconda; thanks to Bruce Kerr for telling us about the bacon they have, of which I knew not.