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Dec 22, 2012 09:11 AM

Does anyone remember Taco Viva from the '80s and '90s?

I grew up in Miami in the '80s, and back then there was a fast food chain called Taco Viva, but it wasn't nearly as ubiquitous as Taco Bell is today. (Neither was Taco Bell, on that note.) It was a really rare treat back then, since my parents honestly thought ALL Mexican food was super-spicy, to the point where a simple taco or burrito could make real people gag for air and breathe fire like cartoon characters. I recall the logo was a man's face with a big, bushy mustache, and the slogan was "When you say 'taco,' say 'Viva!'"

Anyway, all the Taco Vivas are long-gone now, but I remember them lasting into the '90s, with an occasional location in a mall food court or even an indoor flea market (in Sunrise, FL). Like I said, we hardly ever ate there, but I recall loving it and looking forward to rare trips. There is precious little information about them online, but I was just curious about what people remember, how the food was, how they might have been better or worse than Taco Bell and other Mexican fast food. All I remember was a wet burrito, probably topped with enchilada-style sauce and melted cheese, and in my vague memories, it was GOOD.

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    1. I remember the Taco Viva on the 17th Street Causeway, as I worked up the block at Bobby Rubino's Place for Ribs. This was my go-to Mexican Fast Food fix, and it was head and shoulders above anything Taco Bell ever served. I usually got Tacos there, my memory is of a fresher, less processed tasting product, and a mess of different sauce choices.

      As an aside a new place opened maybe 1985 on US 1 called Good Taco, (Much closer to my apartment, and with a drive thru) and well, I liked them better. Sadly both chains have bit the bullet.

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        I remember the Taco Viva in the Boca Mall. I loved it.

      2. Yes it WAS! That's the only Jong I remember too!!! MMMMmmmm!!

        1. Remember it well. The tacos had different levels of heat.

          1. Yes, I remember it well, the best tacos.