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Dec 22, 2012 06:39 AM

Christmas Eve Dinner?

My husband and I have a tradition of going to a decent Italian restaurant for Christmas Eve each year. We like to stick to the Fairfield/Bridgeport area. In the past we have gone to either Bella Sera or Viale. Bella Sera is ok - Viale is one of our regular spots and we are happy, we are going there the next week for a family dinner, so we are looking for someplace different. I love Liana's but I am not sure if they are open. Any recs???

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  1. Not sure if they're open, but we've always enjoyed Ralph and Rich's in Bridgeport. This year, we're going to Biagio's in Stratford. They are definitely open.

    1. Having Christmas Eve dinner out is a wonderful tradition we started 4 or 5 years ago. Since we do a full-up Christmas dinner, it's a relaxing way to move into the holiday. We go to Ruth's Chris in Newington early and are home by 7 or 8. We're going with another couple this year who want to minimize some familial obligations. And even better, they have offered to drive.