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Dec 22, 2012 05:51 AM

Marea, Babbo or Ai Fiori for Dinner and why?

Marea, Babbo or Ai Fiori? Which one would you choose and why?

Thank you in advance.

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  1. babbo, its better food lolol truly

    1. Do you already have reservations for all three?

      What type of atmosphere do you like?

      Do you have pre or post dinner drink plans?

      I would choose Babbo but I live in NY, it's close to me, it's close to good cocktail bars to hit up afterwards like Pegu Club, and it's much more casual. My husband dreams about the goose liver ravioli.

      However, if you are from out of town or celebrating a special occasion, it is a pain to get a dinner reservation in advance on a specific date. If you're willing to try to snag a last minute cancellation or eat in the front walk ins area, that's a different story.

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      1. re: kathryn

        Yes, I have reservations at all three, but contemplating whether to cancel any of them... reason why I feel a little saturated due to already having done so many restaurants in the past weeks... So I'm really looking for the brightest star at this point in terms of food.
        No pre or post drinks.

      2. Babbo.

        Because it's better than the other two.

        1. As if I need to chime in at this point, seems consensus has been reached - but yes, Babbo. Because they're the best of that trio. Of the Michael White places, I think AF is better overall, but Marea has a couple of knockout dishes better than anything at AF (the lobster & buratta, the much lauded fusilli, etc)

          Babbo's also the hardest rez, while Marea & AF almost always have openings.

          1. If you are going for the food, Babbo. Get the simple stuff. Sit upstairs for the comfort and noise level.

            If you are going for a fancy experience and want overly complicated very messed with food and service, Marea is your best choice, with Ai Fiori a close second.

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            1. re: DavyTheFatBoy

              "Messed with food"?? You make it sound like the Board of Health is going to close them. Dishes that have a wonderful complexity of tastes that works are apparently not to your liking, but that doesn't make them "messed with."