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Dec 22, 2012 01:50 AM

Penang - Traditional Hainanese coffee and kaya toast at Kong Thai Lai (广泰来)

One of Penang's oldest and best-known coffeeshops, Kong Thai Lai on Hutton Lane, has been serving Hainanese coffee from freshly roasted coffee beans for more than a century.

Besides its incredibly thick, aromatic brews, one can also order traditional Hainanese coffeeshop staples like kaya (egg jam) & margarine toasts and half-boiled eggs - all popualr breakfast options here in Malaysia, as well as back home in Singapore.

The kaya toasts at Kong Thai Lai were excellent - perfectly-toasted bread and aromatic kaya. Much better than those from KL's old-school Hainanese institutions like Yut Kee ( and Sin Seng Nam (!

Notwithstanding its popularity, the coffeeshop seemed to exude a languid, laidback atmosphere, as its customers (many are regulars) who seemed to know each other as well as the coffeeshop staff very well, are content to sit back and contemplate the world passing by as they sip their kopi-o or kopi-c. A not-to-be-missed experience when one visits Georgetown, IMO.

Address details
Kong Thai Lai (广泰来).
6 Hutton Lane
10050 Penang

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  1. My favourite place for kopi also. Did you buy coffee powder to bring back to Singapore? Guaranteed to perfume your whole luggage. Haha!