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Looking for good chinese restaurants to take my parents to

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Going to be in LA for a week and am looking to take my chinese parents to some good chinese food.

Total party of 3-5 people.
Budget can be up to $50/person.
Sole criteria is restaurant with authentic and good food. Authenticity is very important because my parents grew up in China and I want them to try and experience food that taste as close to what they would expect in China. I don't care how fancy the food is, whether it's chicken or abalone, as long it tastes good then I'll be happy. Service, decor, etc. doesn't matter. If possible, dish recommendations with the restaurant name would be greatly appreciated.

I'm mainly interested in trying out one place from each of these categories. I've listed out some restaurants I'm considering just from browsing some old threads:
1. Dim Sum - Sea Harbor, Elite
2. Northern Chinese Food (Beijing or more north) - Dean Sin
3. Hunan Cuisine - ?

Other categories are fine too if the restaurant is considered a must-try by hound standards :)

Some additional info about my parents' particular likes:
-dumplings/XLB/shaomai/any flour based food with meat/seafood filling inside
-grilled fish
-mei cai kou rou
-peking duck

I'm located in the Long Beach Area, so if it's closer to there it would be a plus, though this is nowhere near as important as the food.


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  1. which part of china are they from?

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    1. Shanxxi Gourmet
      Beijing Pie House
      Sweethome Grill
      Luscious Dumplings
      Mei Long Village

      1. Do you want cuisine how it used to be in China or cuisine as it is now?

        With Shanghainese:

        How it used to be: J&J aka Jin Jiang. Excellent XLB with crab roe.

        How it is now: Shanghai #1 Seafood Village. The shenjian bao are stellar.