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Dec 21, 2012 06:48 PM

Take out Chicken Soup

It's cold season so we were looking for good chicken soup to take out (frozen or freshly made). I went to REAL Bagel on Cote St. Luc and tried theirs but it tasted mostly like powdered chicken soup.

Anyone have good recommendations for chicken soup you can take out? NDG or Westmount or Cote St Luc preferred. sniff sniff. cough cough

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  1. I always get a nice big takeout chicken soup from Wok 'n' Roll when I have a cold, and the Thai basil, coriander and lime help a lot too. Not in the right 'hood though, sorry.

    1. Had some chicken soup from Chalet BBQ the other day. Hit the spot.

      Hope you feel better soon!

      1. fressers is good in a pinch
        snowdon deli too

        1. Your cold has probably come&gone by now....
          but Sabor Latino (I never got used to the name change and still refer to it as "Andes") on St. Laurent just above Marie-Anne has fantastic chicken soup to go.