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Dec 21, 2012 05:49 PM

Blood Oranges in Toronto?

Has anyone seen blood oranges for sale in Toronto yet? Thanks!

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  1. It's a bit early for the huge US citrus crop that's just now trickling into stores. Should start to see some next month. I'm waiting for Sevilles for marmalade, too.

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    1. re: Kagemusha

      i hope it's soon because god damn i love blood oranges

      1. re: disgusti

        I'm god damn in love with blood oranges too. I just wish I could find ones in TO that aren't so insipid and boring. I'm looking for the ones with intensely orangey, sweet, and sour flavour.

    2. My go-to for offbeat citrus is Highland Farms. They've got Meyer lemons in now; same goes for Costco. Once liked Italian/Sicilian blood oranges when that was all we got but the US varieties are as good/better and way fresher(no flame war intended/implied/invited). Another couple of weeks if not sooner.

        1. re: brianl999

          Yup. Saw a pile this week at Highland Farms in Miss. Back there today looking for Sevilles for marmalade.

          1. re: brianl999

            Saw them at Fiesta Farms for $2.99/lb. Also saw them at RCSS Don Mills for $3.50 for a 2lb sack.

          2. Saw them at the Sobeys on harbor front. I recall there 2-3$ / lb

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            1. re: elvisahmed

              they're available bagged at loblaws and no frills for 3.99-4.99 for a bag of 6-7, and loose at most produce joints for 70-80 cents a pop