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Dec 21, 2012 05:38 PM

Old school Italian

Looking for an old school Italian place for my b-day lunch the day after x mas. I will be picking up family at the ferry at port imperial, so not to far from there. Cliffside, west ny etc. I'll do Hoboken if highly reccomennded. Any suggestions please?

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  1. Di Palma Brothers in North Bergen.....

    Augustino's is the best Old School place in Hoboken.

    Valente Trattoria in Fairview has been getting some great reviews. They also have Bakery and Italian Deli that is one of the best.

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    1. re: fourunder

      My first choice was di Palma bros but they are not opening until 5 on the 26 th. my B Day. I need lunchtime. Have you heard of tutto a mondo mio. In ridgefield? I will check out valentes as well. Thanks for the suggestions.

      1. re: marciamarciamarcia

        Too bad about Di Palma Brothers...

        Sorry to say I have not been or have even heard a peep about Tutto a Mondo Mio

        I have not been to any of these places, but some people like them

        * GP's in Guttenberg

        * Trattoria La Sorrentina in North Bergen

        * Fontans Di Trevi in Leonia

        * David's Restaurant in Cliffside Park

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          Mod Mio on Bergen Blvd in Ridgefield is very good . Been there many times. A winner for food and service!

          1. re: scarlet knight

            Nice to know....but you are a day late.

            : 0 )

            I seem now to recall you have been to both Tutto a Mondo Mio and Fontana Di Trevi.....which do you prefer when considering food only, not atmosphere or ambiance.

      2. One of the best of this ilk is BV Tuscany on Cedar Lane in Teaneck. Way above average, in a category that specializes in "average".

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        1. re: lemarais

          I don't think BV Tuscany can be considered old school Italian. My understanding is that neither the owners nor the chef are Italian. Like so many "Italian" restaurants in Bergen County, it is owned by Albanians.

          1. re: NYCPA

            I would the fact it's nowhere near the parameters requested by the OP

        2. If they are open...I would go with David's (Cliffside Park). Very good food.

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          1. re: ELA

            With regards to David's.... I do seem to recall I ate there many years ago, but I did not feel my good experiences then were relevant today.

            I do recall they were voted as the best Chicken Parmigiana in Bergen count a few years back.

          2. First Happy Birthday......I hope you come back to tell us where you ended up for lunch.

            If you want to try an Old School experience elsewhere in
            Bergen County.....there;s Lido Restaurant in Hackensack and Barcelona Restaurant in Garfield. Both places have been around for 60-80 years each....and their pricing is unbelievably inexpensive by anyone's standard.


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            1. re: fourunder

              We ended up enjoying lunch at tutto a mondo mio. It was close to edgewater where we saw a film first. (django unchained). The food was exactly want I had hoped for, old school Italian. It was very good, not inventive, just what I wanted. The service was very good as well. We (9 of us) shared some apps, pizza, calamari, baked clams, house salad and some stuffed mushrooms and bruschetta . Some of the apps were on the house!
              Everyone enjoyed their entrees, portions were generous and desserts were fresh and delicious. I had a nice birthday.

              1. re: marciamarciamarcia

                Nice to hear and thanks for sharing the details. if you are ever in Jersey City, give Laico's a try.....I also used to go to Rita & Joe's, but I have not been back there since the change in ownership. Both would fit your description of Old School.