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Dec 21, 2012 04:49 PM

Patty & Bun [London]

For all you burger lovers out yourself a favour and get along! :)

I have had some hyped burgers in London over the past few years. Last time Honest Burger left me cold....this year MeatMarket left us £30 lighter and ragin'!

Step in: Patty & Bun. Hooyeh! This one is a bit messy....but it is a glorious mess for sure. "Ari Gold" is what you are after. What you get is a beautifully glistening brioche bun, a bed of lettuce and tomato, a course ground patty cooked to a flooding medium...and draped in, cheese, pickled red onions and some all encompassing chipotle mayo-type sauce. A winner!

Fries are pretty good if not outstanding...but the sides star for us was the confit chicken wings - soft sticky and unctious.

So good we went back! :)

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  1. The photos on their website look very inviting! Just curious - what was the cost of an Ari Gold? I like the location.. so convenient. What kind of cheese were they using?

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    1. re: zuriga1

      The Ari Gold was £7 iirc...with option to add bacon for 50p.

      The cheese, I think, is of the American burger variety....but seems to become a contiguous mass with the orange smokey house sauce.

      1. re: ooglewoogle

        Ah, maybe the cheese is Velveeta or something similar. The price seems very reasonable... can't wait to try it.