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Dec 21, 2012 04:26 PM

Brookers Meat? Or someplace else for chicken?

I'm looking to buy free range chicken (probably also organic, but the free range is what I care about). I live in Whitby so I'd prefer to just drive out to a farm and buy in bulk than head downtown to the Healthy Butcher or similar. I found a site for Brooker's Meat that delivers over $200, which is pretty easy to get to, but I can't find any reviews or anything else about them. Has anybody heard of/dealt with them? Or does anybody have any other recommendations? I've heard some good things about Fernwood but I can't tell from their site whether they have skinless boneless chicken because it just says boneless. (I know I could skin it but having it already done makes my life easier)

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    1. Clement Poultry

      85 Lovekin Road
      Newcastle, ON
      L1B 1L9

      Also at St. Lawrence Mkt north on Saturdays