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Dec 21, 2012 04:24 PM

Lobster v Fish Stock

Have a recipe for Christmas (Crab & Havarti Bisque) that calls for Lobster Stock, which I'm having a hard time locating (I'm not interested in making it). How would fish stock work as a substitute? TIA!

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  1. Better than Bullion makes a paste that comes in a jar. Most markets carry it from what I have seen. Just add paste to water or wine and you have a very nice stock. Clam juice, shrimp stock or fish sock probably would work in a pinch but, you will not have the rich flavor from the lobster.

    1. Fish stock does not have the depth, sweetness or complexity of flavor that a Lobster Stock has. I think it would make a poor substitute.

      1. Thanks. Have had no luck finding it to purchase, so just decided to make lobster bisque instead. :)

        1. My own favorite is shrimp head stock. If you can find whole shrimp, just simmer the heads for 20 minutes, then remove them and reduce it to your liking. It will have a deep orange color, and is heavily loaded with flavor.