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Dec 21, 2012 04:08 PM

Danish Dough Whisks

What is your experience with these? I'm just a casual home cook. I don't do much baking. I make some biscuits, or cornbread, or cookies now and then. Maybe I'll do some bread if it's easy enough. Is this an item I might use a lot, or just migrate it to the back of my gadget drawer? Is there an important difference between the small and regular sizes? Thanks.

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  1. I use one for making pizza dough (I make it almost weekly from starter), but don't find it's that much of an improvement over my favorite utensil, the silicon spoon/spatula for the relatively small batches that I make. If you made big quantities of bread dough by hand it would certainly be more helpful. I always just use a spoon for muffins, cornbread, etc.... You don't want a whisk that would over mix, as it would yield a less tender product.

    1. I have one and use it often. I like it for anything that shouldn't be overmixed - muffins, brownies, pancakes, etc. It does a nice job of just bring the ingredients together quickly. I also really like it for bread since I make mine by hand and not in the mixer or food processor.

      1. I have both the large and small from The Baker's Catalog and use them often. I use to use my balloon whisk for mixing muffin batter, etc. and find these easier to clean and fun to use.

        My sister is a huge baker, and I got them for her too.

        1. I second ziggylu's comments. It's a very handy tool that I'm liking more and more. I've got the large and plan to buy the smaller one, too.

          1. I really appreciate everyone's comments. I think I'll try a small whisk at first, since I usually do small batches.